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About Us

The two of us have always had a love for travelling and the essentials that go along with it.  While visiting places around the world, we were fortunate enough to experience luxurious beaches and breathtaking views which inspired Ali + Liv Swimwear.
From crystal blue waters to pastel coloured homes, our dream of creating our own swimwear line came to be.  When discussing Ali +Liv swimwear, we knew we wanted to create a brand which provided good quality bikinis within an affordable price point.  With each set being inspired by places around the world, we wanted to make sure we could provide a swimwear line that would make everyone feel comfortable and confident in their own skin.
When creating our brand, we knew it was important to us that we give back to our environment while creating beautiful bikinis.  With every purchase, Ali + Liv swimwear will donate to initiatives which focus on cleaning our oceans.  We hope you love our line just as much as we do and follow us on this amazing journey with Ali + Liv swimwear. 
Image(s): @rosegoldproductions